gnome-speech 0.3.5

       Module: gnome-speech
      Version: 0.3.5
  Uploaded by: Marc Mulcahy
  md5sum: f85c028943fe8df976021c10287de4c7
    size: 396K
  md5sum: 34382d0b33146b1f8fc5239895471369
    size: 256K


gnome-speech 0.3.5:

* Improved locale matching when creating a speaker -- thanks billh

gnome-speech 0.3.4:

* Better LOCALE matching for getVoices queries,
  for FreeTTS, Theta, and DecTalk drivers.
* CLASSPATH fix for FreeTTS driver.
* Use volume range of 0 - 100% instead of 0 - 1.0, for
  consistency, in FreeTTS Speakers.
* FreeTTS driver getVoices() command now works (formerly, 
  it seems only getAllVoices() worked for FreeTTS.)
* Better error reporting in test-speech.
* test-speech now asks for gender and locale choices
  before presenting voice list.

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