gnome-games 2.7.8

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.7.8
  Uploaded by: Callum McKenzie
  md5sum: d6891351ef5b1c07c47e0ffda3ce4bd3
    size: 8.1M
  md5sum: fa8f92357a8f8c6b0ccf2d1a3cee0819
    size: 6.3M


gnome-games 2.7.8

This release is ready for the code-freeze. It contains only
bug-fixes. One more release with documentation updates and any
emergency bug-fixes can be expected before 2.8.0.

Remember that your favorite themes may have been moved to the
gnome-games-extra-data package. This is still at version 2.7.0, so if
you obtained it for the 2.7.7 gnome-games release you do not have to
download it again (for details see the 2.7.7 release notes below).

Bug fixes:

 - Right click now works after window enlargement.
 - The translation of the game-specific help menu item is fixed.
 - --variation (and the freecell desktop file) now works for non-english
 - Documentation for one and two-suit spider.

 - The payout for winning with a blackjack is now documented.
 - The SVG chip images have been cleaned up and should work with most
   versions of librsvg.
 - "No or child" bug on x86_64 has been fixed.
 - Fixed a crasher on x86_64 machines.

 - Cut down on unnecessary redraws while resizing.

 - Stop the face image being clipped.
 - Fix the sanity-checking code.

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