gnumeric 1.3.2

       Module: gnumeric
      Version: 1.3.2
  Uploaded by: Jody Goldberg
  md5sum: 9fce4eca3fb73fe30e294914de04a1b1
    size: 18M
  md5sum: 14c7e3cf3f3eda61f1d029f6f473d678
    size: 14M


Gnumeric 1.3.2

	* Improve `F-Test' tool
	* Some minor About box changes
	* Fix database functions

Emmanuel Pacaud:
	* Add logarithmic mapping and invert axis support.
	* Zoom support for markers and error bars.
	* Move sharp libart rendering tweaks to pixbuf renderer.
	* Improve chart SVG export.
	* Improve chart printing.
	* Fix minor tick rendering
	* Add labels to radar axis
	* Don't clip markers to plot area

Harald Ashburner:
	* Updates for the option pricers.
	* Pricers for
	    : American/European options to exchange one asset for another
	    : Options on spreads between futures
	    : Payouts on the most favorable state during a period

	* Use SAX exporter by default.
	* Enable 'popup-menu' binding support
	* Add tooltip for object resizing
	* Misc ancient array formula parsing and entry problems
	* Jump to lp_solve 5.0
	* Jump to GLPK 4.5
	* Add a View -> Windows menu
	* Work on tightening up XL compat of array functions
	* Improve xls export for obscure xl eval modes
	* Improve XL/OO compat for RANK()
	* XLS import of full page charts
	* sax export of comments without authors
	* fix breakage in ins/del col/row caused by dsum changes
	* Update the resize handles if the current object's size changes
	* XL can not handle plots with no data, filter them
	* center ticks for bar/col plots too
	* Clip large dbf files to compile time file limits

Jon Kåre:
	* Export images to Excel
	* Read images from native Gnumeric format
	* Read and save images we cannot render without loss to and
	  from Excel and native Gnumeric format
	* Add 'Save As' menu entry for image objects.
	* Add format chooser to 'Save As' dialog for images and graphs.
	* Resurrect the Psion Sheet importer.
	* Fix file drag from nautilus -> gnumeric.
	* Fix "Save changes?" bug.

	* Add Ctrl-5 for strike-through.
	* Add Ctrl-Shift-D for double underline.
	* Fix error return for GEOMEAN and HARMEAN.
	* Fix IMCONJUGATE and IMABS for reals.  [#148323, backported]
	* New function INVSUMINV.
	* Fix crash with format toolbar in menu mode.
	* Fix crash on exit.  [backported]
	* Fix ssconvert output.
	* Fix potential lexer crash.
	* Fix graph guru crash in the absense of graph plugins.

Uwe Steinmann:
	* Paradox DB import.

Yukihiro Nakai:
	* Export links when saving as html.
	* Add actions for www and bug reporting.
	* Fix perl plugin


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