gossip 0.7.7

       Module: gossip
      Version: 0.7.7
  Uploaded by: Mikael Hallendal

  md5sum: ff8d47c4132683e80d167609210d69e7
    size: 1.1M

  md5sum: 312667d5f9eb22eff65ed3f58f6b48c1
    size: 864K


News in 0.7.7:
 * Make the groupchat input area the same as in chats (Geert-Jan)
 * Improved URL recognizer (Johan Hammar)
 * Fixed name bug when chatting with people not in your contact list (Micke)
 * Cut supported in chat windows (cuts from input area) (Thomas Reynolds)
 * Support for specifying both JID and connect server (Micke)
 * Support for HTTP proxy, uses desktop global settings (Micke)
 * Notify on updates in the contact list (Change the background on that row 
   for 7 seconds) (Martyn)
 * New translations (ga)
 * Updated translations 
   (cs, nl, en_GB, lt, cy, sq, ru, eu, en_CA, es, nl, pt, da)

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