gnome-python 2.0.3

       Module: gnome-python
      Version: 2.0.3
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: b45a83541ff0aea5968307506480a247
    size: 464K
  md5sum: f248cc3a0791c6e1c7c2ba6a49429f48
    size: 348K


Overview of Changes from gnome-python 2.0.2 to gnome-python 2.0.3
* Bugfixes
 - Segfault when importing bonobo modules in emdedded python (Johan, Xavier)
 - Warning when import gnome module in emdedded python (Xavier)
 - Fix bonobo.event_source_client_add_listener name and argument
parsing (Gustavo)
 - Accept None for link_id parameter of gnome.help_display (Gustavo)
 - Segfault in gnome.IconList.get_selection (Scott Tsai)
 - Fixes for some gnome.vfs_mime_* functions (Scott Tsai)
 - Fix crash in bonobo.activation.active_server_register (Gustavo)

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