ximian-connector 1.5.92

       Module: ximian-connector
      Version: 1.5.92
  Uploaded by: JP Rosevear

  md5sum: 7d62bab66244f72d8d97c7c3583427e2
    size: 1.3M

  md5sum: 9051580c90b5bb121a31285454181632
    size: 940K


Changes between 1.5.91 and 1.5.92

	* Fixed some issues with JUNK folder

	* Fixed subscribed folder display in components [60964], [61950]

	* Fixed some issues with mail folders [58802]

	* Fixed issues with Fav folder handling [62257]

	* Couple of new translations like Norwegian Nynorsk

Changes to Ximian Connector between 1.5.90 and 1.5.91 (2.0 beta 2)

	* Fixed the entry for Connector in the View -> Window submenu

	* Fixed free/busy support [61045]

	* Tweaked the libxml usage to allow building on Red Hat 9's
	  older libxml

	* Fixed some problems with password changing

Changes between 1.4.x and 2.0

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