evolution-data-server 0.0.97

       Module: evolution-data-server
      Version: 0.0.97
  Uploaded by: JP Rosevear

  md5sum: 1d57550bd14b0839b1f82cc69dbbeca2
    size: 6.6M

  md5sum: bb1a32e033fb449841078f7a8440d2b9
    size: 4.9M


2004-08-02  JP Rosevear  <jpr novell com>

	* configure.in: bump version, libtool numbers

2004-08-02  Not Zed  <NotZed Ximian com>

	* src/server.c (gnome_segv_handler): deadlock in non-main threads
	so we only run once, and increment our recursive-call code
	properly, and actually exit anyway.  should fix infinite crash
	loop crap.

2004-07-29  Rodney Dawes  <dobey novell com>

	* configure.in: Check for libgnomeui_serverdir with pkgconfig, and
	AC_DEFINE it so we know where to find gnome_segv2

	* src/server.c (gnome_segv_handler): Use GNOMEUI_SERVERDIR that we
	now define at configure time to find the path to gnome_segv2

	Fixes #62021

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