gnopernicus 0.9.1

       Module: gnopernicus
      Version: 0.9.1
  Uploaded by: Remus Draica
  md5sum: 1f097b3d4846aab7533bb17f961eaabe
    size: 2.5M
  md5sum: bfec748cb01afa42ca10eb728238d61d
    size: 1.6M


Changes in 0.9.1

    * Do not report window events for popup menus.
    * Convert caret-moved events into focus events only if the object has
      a focused ancestor.

    * Real support for mouse and focus traking modes in other language, the
      change of the current option will take effect now).
    * Fix some broken help pages.

    * Allow magnifier to magnify a region of interest that intersect magnifier 
      region if they belong to different screen (source and target differ).

    * "describe my surroundings" will not present names of current window and
    * "window hierarchy flat" is now called "read whole window".
    * Object roles are now translated.

    * Update Canadian English, Czech, British English, Polish, Catalan, Dutch.


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