gossip 0.7.5

       Module: gossip
      Version: 0.7.5
  Uploaded by: Richard Hult

  md5sum: 71342e415ab797c5af46353be8440c56
    size: 1008K

  md5sum: 52343f12bf9a924618f2286892f827d7
    size: 792K


News in 0.7.5:
 * SSL support when registering (Ross Burton)
 * Registering support for Jabberd 2 (Sjoerd Simons)
 * Fixed the nick highlighting code (Micke)
 * Re-enabled private chat through group chat (Micke)
 * Fixed group chat nick completion code (Micke)
 * Fixed crasher bug in logging code (Richard)
 * New translations (pt_BR, en_GB, lt)
 * Updated translations (cs, nl, da, ca, hr, zh_CN, no, es, cy)
News in 0.7.4:

 * Fixed a crasher bug in the new about box.

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