audiofile 0.2.6

       Module: audiofile
      Version: 0.2.6
  Uploaded by: Kjartan Maraas
  md5sum: 9c1049876cd51c0f1b12c2886cce4d42
    size: 372K
  md5sum: 3d01302834660850b6141cac1e6f5501
    size: 280K


2004-03-05  Michael Pruett <michael 68k org>

	* libaudiofile/, libaudiofile/audiofile.exports:
	Export only public entry points.

	* Released version 0.2.6 of the Audio File Library.

2004-02-19  Michael Pruett <michael 68k org>

	* libaudiofile/audiofile.h: Update comments to reflect the fact
	that AVR and IFF/8SVX file formats are now implemented.

2004-02-18  Michael Pruett <michael 68k org>

	* test/, test/writeavr.c. test/writeiff.c,
	test/writenist.c: Add regression tests for AVR, IFF/8SVX, and
	NIST SPHERE file formats.

2004-02-14  Michael Pruett <michael 68k org>

	*, examples/, examples/osxplay.c: Add
	example program for Mac OS X demonstrating audio file playback
	using the Audio File Library and Core Audio.

2004-02-09  Michael Pruett <michael 68k org>

	Fabrizio Gennari has contributed several Windows-related fixes:

	* libaudiofile/openclose.c, win32/config.h: Open files with
	binary translation mode under MinGW and Cygwin.
	* win32/sfinfo.dsp: Link against non-debug version of libaudiofile
	when building non-debug version of sfinfo.
	* win32/*: Sychronize MSVC project files with latest source code.

2004-01-27  Michael Pruett <michael 68k org>

	* libaudiofile/afinternal.h, libaudiofile/openclose.c: Store
	file name in AFfilehandle structure.

	* libaudiofile/, libaudiofile/avr.c,
	libaudiofile/avr.h, libaudiofile/avrwrite.c,
	libaudiofile/units.c: Add support for reading and writing AVR

2004-01-22  Michael Pruett <michael 68k org>

	* libaudiofile/util.[ch]: Add functions for reading and writing
	16-bit and 32-bit integers with specified byte order.

	* libaudiofile/, libaudiofile/iff.c,
	libaudiofile/iff.h, libaudiofile/iffwrite.c,
	libaudiofile/units.c: Add support for reading and writing
	IFF/8SVX files.

2004-01-15  Michael Pruett <michael 68k org>

	* libaudiofile/, libaudiofile/nist.c,
	libaudiofile/nist.h, libaudiofile/nistwrite.c: Add support for
	reading and writing NIST SPHERE files.

	* libaudiofile/audiofile.h: Add constants for new file

	* libaudiofile/units.c, libaudiofile/units.h: Define units for
	new file formats.

2004-01-12  Michael Pruett <michael 68k org>

	* libaudiofile/, libaudiofile/util.[ch],
	libaudiofile/debug.[ch]: Move debugging routines into a
	separate file.

	* libaudiofile/modules.c: Include "debug.h" for debugging

2004-01-06  Michael Pruett <michael 68k org>

	* libaudiofile/afinternal.h, libaudiofile/aiff.h,
	libaudiofile/aiffwrite.c: Eliminate duplicate definition of
	AIFC_VERSION_1 constant.

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