gok 0.10.2

       Module: gok
      Version: 0.10.2
  Uploaded by: Bill Haneman

  md5sum: 62b47cf41b88c7e006c38a67815f4c4a
    size: 1.7M

  md5sum: 35605f8f8c32832c3406be92c05cc1f4
    size: 1.1M


New in GOK 0.10.2: [This is the gnome-2.6.1 release of GOK]

* Much improved table handling: many table and list items
  that were previously 'inert' when activated from GOK now
  work correctly. (#117567, #129450)

* GOK now allows direct interaction with the gtk+-2.4 file selector.

* Fixed a regression in the Settings dialog 
  when used with HighContrastInverse themes. (#138683)

* Fixed modifier/shift behavior in "alphabetic" keyboards that
  aren't created from the XKB keyboard description.

* Improved support for Mozilla-1.6. (This will be visible to end-users
  when mozilla changes are pushed out to the main 1.6 tree)

* build fixes: #136732 (parallel make), #139495 (improper use of FORCE
  in schemas).

* other bugfixes: #133545, 

* languages:
  gu (Guntupalli Karunakar)
  bn (Sayamindu Dasgupta)
  hu (Andras Timar)


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