gnome-mag 0.10.11

       Module: gnome-mag
      Version: 0.10.11
  Uploaded by: Bill Haneman
  md5sum: 6d53b63f2028d91917e75ecf3324c137
    size: 392K
  md5sum: 8a117fc965c792a3b4a8ae0d8fa5a33e
    size: 292K


What's new in gnome-mag-0.10.11:

* bugfixes: fixes for border-color, use of --source-display and 
  --target-display at runtime (client still needs to destroy and 
  recreate any existing zoom regions after such a change, or else
  you need gnome-mag-0.11.1).

* added code in control-client.c to test runtime change of source and


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