gail 1.6.2

       Module: gail
      Version: 1.6.2
  Uploaded by: Padraig O'briain
  md5sum: 66fe8a89fa2d1c9338221bf51d31544f
    size: 708K
  md5sum: 27ff162daa660396bd54b9c2b5c922ff
    size: 504K


Overview of Changes in GAIL 1.6.2
* Ensure that accessible name is reported for file in Nautilus List View.
(bug #139391)

* Report children of scrolled window correctly when only vertical scrollbar
is visible. (bug #138734)

* Fix crasher bug in evolution when going to a specific date. (bug #140475)

* Add translations: Add M\304\201ori [John Barstow] 

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