libcroco 0.5.1

       Module: libcroco
      Version: 0.5.1
  Uploaded by: Gael Chamoulaud
  md5sum: f1fde49424ba69b84dd7d877dc882981
    size: 384K
  md5sum: 19e016a5533449a769662a116df7237c
    size: 288K


0.5.1: April 18 2004:

     - fixes: #140334, #140317, #139891, #139615. [Dodji Seketeli]

0.5: March 16 2004:
     - better regression suite framework [Dodji Seketeli]
     - support of the 'color' property gathering [Benjamin Dauvergne]
     - furious memory leaks/corruptions hunting [Dodji Seketeli, Rob BUIS]
     - total support of the !important keyword [Dodji Seketeli, Rob BUIS]
     - selectors evaluation in csslint [Dodji Seketeli, Rob BUIS]
     - fix compilation warnings [David A Knight, Dodji Seketeli]
     - more complete CSS statement serialisation [Dodji Seketeli]
     - better gathering of style information [Dodjij Seketeli]
     - better cascading algorithm conformance [Dodji Seketeli, Rob BUIS]
     - @import rule parsing fix [Dodji Seketeli]
     - support of CSS3 indentifiers [Dodji Seketeli]
     - better w3c DOM integration support [Rob BUIS, Dodji Seketeli]
     - many parsing fixes [Dodji Seketeli]
     - style structure debuging facility [Dodji Seketeli]
     - better fragment parsing support [Dodji Seketeli]
     - Split libcroco and sewfox [Dodji Seketeli]
     - class selector evaluation fix [Rob BUIS]
     - csslint cleanup and bugfixes [Dodji Seketeli]
     - :first-child pseudo class selector support [Dodji Seketeli]
     - pluggable pseudo class selectors evaluators [Dodji Seketeli]

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