ggv 2.6.1

       Module: ggv
      Version: 2.6.1
  Uploaded by: Jaka Mocnik
  md5sum: 2f2dd4f9ea4a7d40277a1bbef0b4ed6e
    size: 1.6M
  md5sum: f827eec334035c7ebe8cffcf4a04c2d1
    size: 1.2M


2004-04-18  Jaka Mocnik  <jaka gnu org>

	* version 2.6.1; tagged as GGV_2_6_1.
	* src/ggv-window.c (verb_FileOpen): don't set the file chooser size.
	fixes #139518. patch by Darren Adams.
	* src/gsdefaults.c (gtk_gs_defaults_set_*): only set the new value
	if it differs from the old: should fix #139362.
	* src/ggv-window.c (open_button_pressed_cb): applied a patch by 
	Kouichirou Hiratsuka, fixing a crash when event parameter is NULL.
	fixes #139408.
2004-04-08  Guntupalli Karunakar  <karunakar freedomink org>

        * Added "gu" (Gujarati) to ALL_LINGUAS.

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