evolution-webcal 1.0.3

       Module: evolution-webcal
      Version: 1.0.3
  Uploaded by: Rodney Dawes

  md5sum: cb8766bad89005562ebc4ca0d1f47d5f
    size: 124K

  md5sum: 020efc0242f5282e78eba30f8278156b
    size: 104K


2004-04-16  Rodney Dawes  <dobey ximian com>

	* configure.ac: Update version to 1.0.3 and require the latest version
	of evolution-data-server for the remote tasks support

2004-03-24  William Jon McCann  <mccann jhu edu>

	* src/evolution-webcal-notify.[ch] (e_webcal_query_user): 
	* src/evolution-webcal-main.c (e_webcal_has_kind, e_webcal_load):
	Determine if tasks and/or events are present and add to appropriate
	source group.

2004-03-24  Rodney Dawes  <dobey ximian com>

	* src/e-webcal-main.c (e_webcal_load): Use a SoupUri to get at the
	path of the URI, so we don't pop up an error with a URI that is longer
	than the screen is wide
	(e_webcal_read): Likewise, here we need to get at the SoupUri for the
	message, and its path element as well
	* src/e-webcal-notify.c: Clean up some function prototypes
	(e_webcal_query_user): Get at the SoupUri here to get the path of
	the URI so we don't overfill the screen with a wide dialog, and set
	the name correctly for the ESource, when the calendar has no name
	* src/e-webcal-notify.h: Need to include libsoup/soup.h
	Clean up some function prototypes

	Original patch from William Jon McCann

2004-03-23  Takeshi AIHANA <aihana gnome gr jp>

	* configure.ac: Added "ja" (Japanese) into ALL_LINGUAS.

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