pygtk 2.3.91

       Module: pygtk
      Version: 2.3.91
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: 64282f843a8f5d9c49a4dee018802ab2
    size: 748K
  md5sum: 8d95b4fce6a0bd060f4fd6a3db9671be
    size: 596K


pygtk-2.3.91: 16-april-2004
	- Continue to wrap 2.4 api: GtkActionGroup,
          GtkColorButton, GtkCellLayout, GtkComboBox, GtkFileChooser,
          GtkFontButton, GtkIconInfo, Gtk*ToolButton (John Finlay, Johan)
	- ref GdkWindows on win32 (John Ehresman, Gustavo)
	- Clean up defs (John)
	- Deprecate 0.6.x compatibility functions (Johan)
	- Convert GValueArray to list, not tuple (Gustavo)
	- Add new demos (Joey Tsai)
	- Create unknown types on the fly, with interfaces (Johan)
	- Update spec (Jason Tackaberry, Thomas Vander Stichele)
	- Support tp_new (Johan)

pygtk-2.3.90: 30-march-2004
	- Merge in changes for Gtk+ 2.4 (Johan, Xavier)
	- GtkUIManager, GtkFileChooser, GtkTreeModelFilter,    
          GtkActionGroup, GtkAction, GtkToolbar etc  
	- Export GParamSpec in GObject and support style properties  
	- Distutils win32 fixes (Cedric Gustin)  
	- Fix mainloop related warnings (bug 136731, bug 136705)  
	- Updated examples (Johan)  
	- gdk.atom_intern (Gustavo)  
	- Code generator fixes (Xavier)

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