gnome-volume-manager 0.9.2

       Module: gnome-volume-manager
      Version: 0.9.2
  Uploaded by: Robert Love
  md5sum: 4f55e70e4ed07e3209314c9708acb31f
    size: 152K
  md5sum: da7b088ab9b6ade4bafdb48819c2697d
    size: 124K


2004-04-12  Robert Love  <rml ximian com>

	* bump version to 0.9.2

2004-04-12  David Zeuthen  <david fubar dk>

	* src/manager.c: update for new HAL API and use HAL callbacks instead
	  of directly listening on to DBUS

2004-04-10  Gareth Owen  <gowen72 yahoo com>

	* Added en_GB to ALL_LINGUAS

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