gail 1.6.1

       Module: gail
      Version: 1.6.1
  Uploaded by: Calum Benson
  md5sum: ae6761574ad09b2e0f47fd34489168fa
    size: 708K
  md5sum: 46f6187e7f0372a757cafab452cdb27f
    size: 500K


Overview of Changes in GAIL 1.6.1
* Correctly report LABELLED_BY relation for combo-box when mnemonic
widget is GnomeFileEntry. (bug #137584)

* Report name correctly for GtkComboBox which has a TreeModel with more
than one column. (bug #136976)

* Do not treat a GtkHandleBox as a window (bug #138339)

* Set role for popup window to be ROLE_WINDOW instead of ROLE_FRAME.
(bug #135242)

* Separate items in keybinding by ":". (bug #138392)

* Avoid crash when getting keybinding if GtkEntry is not a mnemonic widget.
(bug #139236)
* Add translations: Punjabi [Amanpreet Singh Alam], Estonian [Pritt Laes]

* Updated translations: Traditional Chinese [Ching-Hung Lin]

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