gob2 2.0.7

       Module: gob2
      Version: 2.0.7
  Uploaded by: George Lebl

  md5sum: ab7bf93f6644d0dd5aab740779e91439
    size: 232K

  md5sum: 9e2327506c41f9c6cff01e6930e6dedc
    size: 188K


	* Add support for INT64 and UINT64 types for signals and properties
	  (Nicolas Brugier)
	* Exit with error when BOXED or FLAGS are used as arguments for a
	  signal, that doesn't work anyway
	* Warn classwide members have destructors since those never get called
	  (we only make static classes so it doesn't make sense anyway)
	* Fix --exit-on-warn
	* Don't use deprecated glib functions (Kjartan, me)
	* Fix compilation on IBMs C compiler (Albert Chin-A-Young)
	* gob2.m4 fixes for new automake (Tomasz Kloczko)
	* Couple of minor fixes
	* Couple of fixes to the documentation

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