rhythmbox 0.7.2

       Module: rhythmbox
      Version: 0.7.2
  Uploaded by: Colin Walters

  md5sum: 999252dbe3178c20fbe48a91f401e952
    size: 2.1M

  md5sum: 23b20924515386a60a0eb6beff13318a
    size: 1.7M


Overview of Changes in Rhythmbox 0.7.2

* Many crasher bugfixes [Ben Liblit, Colin Walters]
* Initial work on saving database and playlists while running [David Dollar] 
* Fix mime type detection [Colin Walters]
* Fix import of non-UTF8 filenames [Colin Walters]
* Actually respect Cancel in import dialog [Colin Walters]
* Several fixes for GTK+ 2.4 file dialogs [Colin Walters]
* Display buffering progress for Xine backend [David Dollar]
* iPod fixes [Christophe Fergeau]
* Remove deprecated casting usage [Christophe Fergeau]
* New --shuffle argument [James Willcox]
* Use automake 1.8 if available [Christian Schaller, Colin Walters]
* Fix for GTK+ 2.4 detection [Christophe Fergeau]
* Nicer iPod icon [Jakub Steiner]
* Actually distribute README.iPod [Colin Walters]
* Xine player fixes [David Dollar] 
* Add MonkeysAudio to known music MIME types [Jérémy SIMON]
* Canonicalize filenames into URLS when loading playlists [Colin Walters]
* Fix race condition in database load [Colin Walters]
* Remove some unused functions [Bastien Nocera]

Updated translations:

el (Kostas Papadimas)
hu (Andras Timar)
hr (Robert Sedak)
tr (Enver Altin)
ga (Alastair McKinstry)
ja (Takeshi AIHANA)
nl (Vincent van Adrighem)
da (Morten Brix Pedersen)
lt (Žygimantas Beručka)

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