Welcome to ftp-release-list - feedback?

Hi everyone,

Welcome to ftp-release-list! If a personal welcome email to a primarily
automated list is unconventional, then so be it. :-)

Over 70 people have joined so far, and I'm sure there are some cool ideas
for ftp-release-list out there. Please reply to this email if you have one!
Reply-To is set to my own address - please don't post to the list itself.

I've added a size field for the gz and bz2 items, which you'll see with the
next upload. Next up, I'm going to:

  - add a NEWS file editing step to the install-module script that powers
    this list, so you can find out what's interesting in each release. The
    install-module script is what maintainers run when they upload new
    releases to the FTP site - it sends the emails to this list, so hackers
    don't have to think about it. Handy! :-)

  - integrate an improved version of the application database with this
    list, so you'll receive a short note describing the module with every

Please, don't hesitate to send your ideas and suggestions.


- Jeff

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