Re: I'm packaging for fplan Debian.

> At 3:58 -0700 28/5/05, Steve wrote:
> >Hi guys
> >
> >I have begun the task of packaging fplan for Debian.  Is this project
> >still alive?
> >
> >I notice there is another rather nice flight planner out there which I
> >also plan to package.
> >
> >
> >
> >Frankly FlyWay looks to be more advanced than fplan but I have a soft
> >sport for the venerable tool that helped during my flight training
> >many moons ago and Id hate to see it die.
> There was talk on this list a month ago about possible development of 
> a GUI version of fplan.  So it isn't completely dead, maybe.  The 
> current version still works as good as it ever did, so I think it 
> makes sense to keep making packages for it.  I created a package for 
> OS X, using the fink packaging system.

The original command-line version of fplan sources are still at
I might make a static snapshot at sourceforge, but I don't know yet.

I really should get my ass in gear and put the gui version of fplan up
at sourceforge as soon as I can.  Definately not dead.

	-ed falk

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