Re: Re: glib dependency?

Michael K. Johnson writes:
>"John C. Peterson" writes:
>>   I built the Sunview stuff on an old Sun 4 quite a few years ago.
>>It worked then, but of course Sun no longer ships Sunview with Solaris,
>>so it's pretty tough to find a Sun box where you can build it today.
>OK, let's kill it.
>Mind if I populate sv_draw.c with the latest sunview code from preview.c
>and then kill the sunview code from preview.c and main.c and Makefile and
>so forth?  No point in keeping it up at this point, and putting it there
>makes it look like it will work, and with all the changes that we are
>about to make it would have to be maintained to work.

Hi Michael,

   I was thinking about doing just that before I sent it off your
way. Actually, I never made any changes (at least that I can remember :^)
to the sunview code, since I had no way to test it. So, you can just
drop it from preview.c and everywhere else as far as I'm concerned.

>>   Sounds fine to me. It might make building a little more of a pain
>>for those on non-Linux systems, but glib seems simple enough that it
>>shouldn't present any real practical barriers (those users *should* be
>>using Linux anyway, so it serves them right :^).
>Actually, it has been ported to every currently used Linux (trivially,
>as it uses configure) and to win32 and OS/2 as well.  Good 'nuff?  :-)

   Yah, that should be plenty good :^)

>>Anyhow, I'm off for my trip, enjoy...
>Hope you had fun!
   There was some aviation related "fun". On friday afternoon, the
weather in Baltimore was right down to minimums. The BWI ATIS was
reporting 200 overcast with touchdown RVR about 4,000. Needless to say,
there were times when it was much worse, and I saw several missed
approaches while hanging loose and watching arrivals from the observation
lounge.  Fortunately, my flight home was pretty much on time.

>Be aware that friday next (29th) and possibly through the weekend, the
>CVS archive and mailing list may be down; Red Hat is moving and so
>while we hope that the internet connection will only be down for hours,
>common sense dictates that it may be down for days.  Even if we get the
>main web site up on friday, moving the whole rest of the network may
>take some time.

   Thanks for the warning and good luck with the move. It can be
a bit of an ordeal with the computers and all, as I know what you
mean from experience.

Later, John...

 ___|___  John C. Peterson, KD6EKQ | "I believe OS/2 is destined to be the most
  -(*)- | important operating system, and possibly
  o/ \o   San Diego, CA   U.S.A    | program, of all time." - Billy Gates, 1987

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