Re: Call for comments on where to have GUADEC in 2007

On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 11:18 +0200, Dave Neary wrote:

> I certainly agree that we need to consider the financial risk of a
> conference, but GUADEC is cheap, and could even be cheaper.

Why cheaper? I'm not talking about the extravaganza, but with the
growing user base of GNOME, GUADEC should be more expensive every year,
meaning we should spend more. Including marketing and extending

From what I have seen we have more sponsors than previous years. We
should have more sponsors next year, with increasing credentials for
sponsors. (More financial burden to them). 

My honest opinion about this is marketing team with GUADEC committee
every year should work very close and actively to make sponsors more
involved in GUADEC for spreading the word through their channels, and
for the sake of their advertisement. 

This year till now, it was a great job. But it would be even better, for
example, say, NOKIA would choose to exhibit new Google Talk integrated
version of N770 at this event, and attract some press coverage for
GUADEC. Well, you know Google with Nokia, what does tech journalists
would like to make news for.

Of course these kind of things should not take over the whole spirit and
the aim of the conference. It might be better to prioritize GUADEC
budget spending for that matter. Is it better to spend money for
bringing more people to GUADEC (IMO this should be where money should be
spend more), or to marketing of GUADEC (and that should be the second
important part of it)? Or even GUADEC should serve most delicious food
to it's attendees. (that's not a bad idea either. :)

Once this issue is clarified then it would be possible to decide if it
could be cheaper or expensive than before.  

> Cheers,
> Dave.

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