Program for GNOME Foundation 2006

Program for GNOME Foundation 2006

The board has had its first meetings and has agreed on the following:

To work for an increase of the group of GNOME Foundation members both
developers, other contributors and end users from all parts of society
both males and females.

It is important to reach out to all possible new comers from all corners
of the world. Only then can the love for GNOME thrive and flourish and
new innovative projects succeed- to the benefit for society at large. 

By opening up our community to make space for all professions GNOME will
get inspiration and gain knowledge in other fields where our software is
being used. This will benefit the futher development of the GNOME

We firmly believe that the GNOME community with a lot of helping hands,
a friendly tone and a polite conduct will become every ones favorite
meeting place and GNOME the favorite desktop. - With collaboration and a
healthy competition with other platformes we will all be winners in the

We are fortunate to have friends and members from all parts of the
globe. We work in a multitude of languages and learn from each others
cultures. This gives us the opportunity to respect each others needs and
priorities and ways of doing things.

We are among many other things working on the GNOME road map and website
in order to better access, direction and understanding of our common
work and goals.

At the moment there are two events under planning: GUADEC 7 in June 2006
in Vilanova in Catalunia, Spain and the Boston Summit for developers in
the fall.

We are also trying to present GNOME during as many other conferences as
possible during the year.

Already GNOME has friends and organized user communities in many
countries. The board is happy to help and will encourage such regional
or national initiatives under the umbrella of the original GNOME

GNOME has a lot of success in among other places Australia, South
Africa, Latin America, India and China which shoves us that The US and
Europe can learn and get inspiration from other parts of the world. It
goes both ways. Inspiration knows no borders. Some times lack of
resources may lead to the development and deployment of new

Not only rich countries can lead the way for mass deployment of GNOME
and Free Software.

The Board, February 18th 2006

On behalf of the GNOME Foundation Board
Anne �tergaard

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