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On 3 Aug 2006, at 08:44, Adrian Custer wrote:

Hey all,

There are two elements of this discussion that I'd like to address:

        (1) Gnomers who are offended by others currently have no place
        to turn to.

(2) New Gnomers currently have no place to ask for advice, help,

I note also with sadness how dead #gnome has become. Back in the day it
was a real bazaar with the great coders mixing with the lowly newbies.
The channel was easy to find and people could ask for help, for advice, for consolation, could follow some advanced discussions or could simply banter away the day. Today, most of us have decided to be productive and
so #gnome has a *huge* list of participants and almost no discussion.

In many ways, I don't lament its passing. IRC isn't really a natural place to hang out for many 'ordinary' users, and it's a black hole for those of us (i.e. everyone) who needs to be taking users' issues on board, because there's no useful record of what people have been asking.

Perhaps a more important question is why gnome-list gnome org has died on its feet too... I'd much rather our users posted there, and (much as I hate web forums) to the forums.

Correction: wow, gnome-list hasn't died at all... just checked the archives and it's perfectly healthy. So why have I only had two emails from it all year? :/


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