Re: Substituting "Linux" with "GNU/Linux" or "GNU"

On Fri, 2006-08-04 at 23:19 +0300, Yavor Doganov wrote:
> This is a request to the the GNOME Foundation Board for
> action/decision regarding this matter.
> There are some strings in some GNOME programs and very few in the
> GNOME documentaion that refer to the operating system as "Linux".  We
> would like the Board to vote and decide for a policy to substitute all
> these references to "GNU/Linux" or "GNU", where appropriate.
> The reason that we insist on this is well known to you, but it is very
> well explained at and
> This issue was first brought at GTP; I was substituting "Linux" with
> "GNU/Linux" in my translations and our team leader asked for a general
> solution on the -i18n list.  Christian Rose, one of the GTP
> spekespersons, said that it is a terminology issue that has to be
> solved by GDP.  Shaun McCance, the Fearless GDP Leader, said that this
> is not a case under his jurisdiction and was unwilling to take a
> decision, so we're coming to the GNOME Foundation as a final resort.

I just want to be clear to everybody who was not part of
the discussion on gnome-doc-list.  I support this, just
as I support openly talking about free software.

My stance was only that I will not (ab)use my power as
the GDP leader to strong-arm developers on this issue.
This is something for the community to decide.

My stance is nicely summed up here:


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