Re: A matter of intent [Was: Re: Code of Conduct final draft?]

<quote who="Dominic Lachowicz">

> To me, it sounds like at least some important people would like the CoC to
> be a set of enforcable rules, or at least would be open to discussing
> whether they should be.  This would violate earlier claims to the contrary
> [1] and clearly expresses the sentiment that some folks would like to give
> this document some teeth, at least in limited circumstances.
> These amount to mixed messages.

Yeah, I think there are some mixups here.

 * The Board is already responsible for conflict resolution at a very high
   level, and should be expected to deal with any conflict be taken to it,
   even in the absence of published values and expectations such as a CoC.

 * The existence of published values and expectations such as a CoC should
   not imply that the Board will be newly aggressive in their enforcement.

Now, whatever Murray's intent, I think that whatever people are concerned
about with regards to the Board being involved in enforcement of values or
conflict resolution, it's important to point out that the Board is already
tasked with doing this. The question is whether it does it via divinaton or
a set of guidelines designed by the community.

Even so, I don't think the 'enforcement' or governance issues are the most
important things here, as controversial as they are. I think the important
thing is to create a document that truly represents our values, what we
believe about what we're doing, and how we want to work together as a team.

I tend to think the governance issues are borne from those values, while I
get the impression you think it should happen the other way around.

> The CoC should have its intent written up front and center.

100% agree. I'd suggest Murray do the initial draft, then we can discuss and

> Please don't call people whiners and flamers for expressing their
> concerns. You merely haven't understood our concerns, and that's probably
> my fault for not stating them better.

Where I might have used these or similar words, I believe I've used them
with a good understanding of the concerns - and been most frustrated that
those concerns have more to do with creating a diversion than creating a
document. :-)

If you think I've misunderstood you, fix it in context. It's not a useful
or productive thing to say in the abstract.

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 

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