Desktop Architects Meeting

Hi all,

A Desktop Architects Meeting is scheduled on May 8-9 in Germany, where
GNOME will be represented. You can see the agenda at [1], and a
presentation template that should be filled at [2].

We'd love to get comments from the community on the agenda, so feel free
to send them on the list or directly to me.

Copy and paste of the agenda (probably useful for replies)

Summary reports and outputs from recent desktop technical events &
      * Wireless Summit
      * Power Management Summit
      * Printing Summit
      * Portland Project
      * Libre Graphics
      * LSB Desktop
      * OSDL Open Driver site
      * Distro Updates
      * Sound & Multimedia
ISV & Developer support discussion topics:
      * Portland Road Map
      * OSDL Developer portal
      * Tools to help enforce ABI stability 
      * Packaging tools: additional features, standard of use
Other Topics
      * Linux Desktop & Standards: There are several important
        standardization efforts underway for the Linux Desktop:  LSB
        Desktop, FreeDesktop/Portland and OpenDocument Format (ODF). In
        which areas are we missing good standards? Are existing
        calendaring standards up to their job?
      * Open Source Drivers:  At the last DAM meeting, Printing and
        Wireless were defined as high priority projects for the desktop,
        which other specific driver areas are in need of more attention?
      * Sound & Multimedia:  Multimedia is still perceived as an area
        where the Linux Desktop is weak: What is the current status of
        multimedia support in Linux distributions? What infrastructure
        can application developers rely on, and what is still missing?
        Codecs & patents: OSS and legal aspects etc.
      * Manageability / remote desktop management: Lowering TCO (Total
        Cost of Ownership) is an important driver for Linux
        client /desktop adoption. Maintenance costs form a significant
        part of TCO and are closely coupled to the availability of high
        quality management solutions for Linux clients. What solutions
        exist today and what are the challenges that todays generation
        of management tools face?




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