Re: Minutes of the Board meeting, 2006/Mar/22

On Mon, 2006-04-17 at 10:12 -0500, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

> Dave to request Quim for a copy of a contract with the Generalidat
> describing what they are paying for this GUADEC.

Waiting for Vilanova to deliver this copy. The biggest chunk of the
costs is clear but they are still refining some details, in part because
of the changes in the own GUADEC scenario i.e. needing probably the big
marquee the whole week instead of only the Core days as initially

This is a Vilanova top priority and I'm visiting them next week.
Hopefully I can deliver this copy by then.

> ======
> Need to look for more keynote speakers.

Currently the keynotes for the 3 Core days are agreed in
guadec-planning. Kathy Sierra, Jim Gettys and Simon Phipps have been
already announced in We will announce officially that
Federico's talk - How Much Faster - has been
chosen as a plenary session. Linex + Guadalinex will have a shared
keynote (speakers to be confirmed) and we are looking for a local
speaker for the 6th keynote (to be confirmed as well).

Other keynotes might be scheduled during WarmUp and After Hours. It's
still under discussion but if we go for this the sessions will come very
probably from the hundred proposals submitted in the Call for

> Decided to wait until GUADEC to request volunteers for helping out.

What about an After Hours session to discuss this and work on the
delegation of tasks on these potential volunteers.

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