GNOME Trademark license and useage guidelines

The GNOME Foundation board has posted two documents
for use with our trademark foot and name GNOME which were prepared by
the foundation's lawyers.  The drafts of these documents are now
available for review by foundation members and the public.

The first document is a license intended for User groups which have a
need to make use of the GNOME trademarks in such ways as creating and
distributing marketing materials or creating web sites.

The second document is a set of Trademark usage guidelines.

These documents may be read at <>.
The board welcomes comments from foundation members concerning these
two documents, as well as the need for any other license.  We are
particularly interested in examples where you think these guidelines/
agreement might be a problem or where you need clarification.

Please post your comments to the WiKi page above on or before 5 April.

Best regards,


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