Re: Certification for GNOME apps


Selon Jonathan Blandford <jrb redhat com>:
> Alan Cox <alan lxorguk ukuu org uk> writes:
> > - Software which is license violating
> > - Software which otherwise harms the name of GNOME
> > - "Software the foundation management believes would harm the reputation
> > of GNOME"
> > - Software where a referendum of members is called, counts achieved and
> > the referendum is passed against certification [ie a last resort]
> what are you thinking of
> 'harming the name of GNOME'?  Is a clause requiring acceptable levels of
> privacy sufficient?  Do you have other, concrete concerns here?

The GNOME certification process would be a stamp of approval handed out by us.
As such, we would have to be careful that we don't hand out a GNOME stamp of
approval to people we don't approve of.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France

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