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<quote who="Ryan McDougall">

> I put of a small tutorial on l.g.o, and it occured to me that I could not
> find any policy on the wiki itself wrt copyrights. It seems a bit odd to
> put up content on a wiki with a copyright statement (since the purpose is
> to let anyone improve it), but I would like to make sure I get a little
> credit for my work, and it not enter public domain unprotected.
> Wikipedia seems to require copyright assignment under the GFDL. 

There's no copyright policy for the wiki at the moment. If we were going to
push for one, I'd probably suggest something saner than the GFDL, such as CC
attribution share-alike. But there is nothing wrong with putting your own
copyright license blurb on particular pages.

> ps. I would have sent this to the gnome-web-list, or some such entity, but
> I couldn't find a more appropriate place. If you know of one, let me know.


- Jeff

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