GNOME trademark guidelines and user group agreement

The GNOME board has now approved the GNOME user group license group
agreement and the third-party license agreements that were posted
earlier for discussion.

The approved versions have been posted at:

To review what these are:
 * Under the law, “fair use” of trademarks is allowed (for example,
   trademarks typically may be used without permission in magazine and
   book reviews). The GNOME Foundation trademark usage guidelines for
   third parties describe what is appropriate fair use of the GNOME

 * User groups are a very important part of the GNOME community. User
   groups have a need to make use of the GNOME trademarks in such ways
   as creating and distributing marketing materials or creating web
   sites. By agreeing to the GNOME user group license agreement a user
   group obtains permission to use the GNOME trademarks under certain

It should be emphasized that  these guidelines and agreements are 
just a starting point. We expect them to evolve over time based on
feedback from the GNOME community. If you need permission to use the
GNOME trademarks in other ways or have other questions, please contact
licensing gnome org 

					- Owen Taylor

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