Board Meeting minutes 20th April 2005

Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 April 20


   Owen Taylor (chairing)
   Jonathan Blandford
   Murray Cumming
   Tim Ney
   Christian Schaller
   Jody Goldberg (at start)
   Federico Mena-Quintero
   Dave Neary



   Daniel Veillard
   Miguel de Icaza
   Luis Villa

Actions completed:

   DONE: Tim dealt with the travel subsidies for speakers.

   DONE: Dave has investigated companies to help with merchandising.


   ACTION: Murray to investigate getting a GNOME Foundation Member Logo

   ACTION: Daniel to send the advisory board meeting announce in a week,
           check with Tim for the updated list

   ACTION: Owen to send to send a call for participation for defining
      a privacy policy for the GNOME website

New Action:
   ACTION: Federico will clean up the Wiki page to reflect the new status.


   - Board meeting at GUADEC.
     Let's start at 9:00am on Saturday 28th in the Haus der Wirtschaft.

   - GUADEC progress report:

     Nokia are new sponsors, and HP confirmed they will sponsor again.

     We have a new registration system that should, really this time, go 
     online in the next few days.

     Tim is still discussing cheap travel with some speakers who requested 
     financial assistance, but this is generally under control.
     We have only 9 papers so far for 40 talks, so a printed proceedings 
     will not be possible. But we'll put what we have on the GUADEC LiveCD.

   - GUADEC registration fee:

     Discussion of the "professional" fee. It's a way to fund GUADEC, 
     but we don't want to discourage anyone from attending. (Afterwards, the 
     GUADEC planning team revised their planned prices accordingly.)

   - Merchandising:

     Dave Neary has researched several companies and now has 2 candidates, 
     though 1 more candidate might be added. Tim Ney will help him with 
     official negotiations and discussing contracts. This will take time.
   - Trademark agreement

     ACTION: Federico will clean up the Wiki page to reflect the new status.
     This will combine the Board comments/questions from the Board meeting of 
     April 6th 2005 and the lawyer's comments.

     We have a one-off trademark agreement with IBM for some screenshots in 
     their documentation.
     ACTION: All to read that agreement.

   - FLOSS Leaders summit.

     Allison Randal is organising a small meeting of Free Software foundation 
     organisers and leaders at OSCON in July. We agreed that it would be helpful 
     for Tim to attend this.

   - GNOME Members Logo:

     James Bowes did an example, but it needs improvement. ONGOING for Murray

   - Advisory board

     We need to discuss getting new companies on board. Punted to next meeting 
     due to lack of time.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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