Candidacy - Federico Mena-Quintero

Name:        Federico Mena-Quintero
Email:       federico gnu org
Affiliation: Novell, Inc.

* Who am I?

I'm a co-founder of the Gnome project, and have been responsible for
writing large parts of the original code.  More recently I have been
working on the Novell Linux Desktop, which is a continuation of my
previous experience with Gnome and related technologies.

I served as a Gnome Board member three years ago, and acted as
treasurer for the Gnome Foundation two years ago.

* What I intend to do for the Board:

Recently I have been interested in propagating the use of Gnome in
Latin America.  I have given several talks and tutorials about Gnome
in various conferences in Mexico, Chile, and Colombia.  My intention
is to help local groups make the best use of Gnome and free software
in general.  I want to ensure that Gnome has a clear direction from
the viewpoint of regional efforts:  that it can be integrated into
local GNU/Linux distributions easily, that it provides a good
technology base for custom setups, that it is easy for developers to
learn, and that it is adequately localized.

Examples of these tasks are as follows:

- Integration into local distributions.  I started a
  call-for-volunteers to compile a list of common things that
  GNU/Linux distributions need to change from the stock setup of Gnome
  to integrate it with their environment.

- Good technology base.  Regional deployments may included kiosk-like
  setups, which require a lock-down framework.  I wrote a
  specification of how to add lock-down capabilities to GtkFileChooser.

- Easy for developers to learn.  I routinely write documentation,
  especially for GTK+.

- Adequately localized.  I have not done work in this area except for
  occasional fixes to Spanish translations.

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