Candidacy: David Neary

Putting my money where my mouth is, I'm throwing my hat into the ring.

Even though I'm probably an unknown to most of the GNOME developers, I have been
around for quite a while, primarily in the GIMP project. Last year, I was
involved in organising GUADEC, and also brought the GIMP under the GNOME
Foundation umbrella, with help from Tim Ney and the current board. I'm more an
organiser than a coder, and I actually like doing board-type activities.

The board has a lot to offer to the community, especially in the realm of
communication and organisation - being on the board doesn't mean running
things, so much as letting other people know what needs running, and harnessing
that enthusiasm.

Name: David Neary
Email: bolsh at gimp dot org
Affiliation: None - my company does not support free software work.

Dave Neary
Lyon, France

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