Candidacy for the board

I would like to announce my running for the foundation board this year.
Here is my datasheet :)

Name: Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller
E-mail: uraeus at gnome dot org
Corporate Affiliation: Fluendo S.L.

I have been active in the GNOME community since around late 1998. Never
having had the patience to actually learn how to code I have always been
involved with other aspects of the project. Having majored in a
marketing-related degree and a background with political activism in
Norway my involvement in GNOME has tended to be advocacy- and marketing-
related doing things such as website work and writing articles. For a
long period of time I wrote the weekly (or semi-weekly) GNOME summaries
for instance. More recently I have maintained the gnome-themes-extras
package, done editorial work on and tried to help out
librsvg and gstreamer projects with QA and similar.

Current situation:
I am currently in the lucky position to be allowed to work fulltime on
free software through my employment at Fluendo S.L. Fluendo S.L. is a
company located in Barcelona, Spain doing Linux multimedia software
using the GStreamer framework. Current work focuses on our streaming
media server Flumotion and various playback-related products for both
desktop and embedded use.

My role in the foundation:
I want to continue to participate in continuing to foster the positive
spirit embedded in the GNOME community and extend its reach outwards.
I want to help grow the GNOME community by both bringing other projects
in under the GNOME umbrella and by bringing in new commercial support 
through these projects and by pitching the use of GNOME technologies
outside the traditional area of the desktop.

I want to work together with the other board members to make sure GNOME
stays true to its roots in terms of licensing and philosophy as
exemplified through the current regime.

I also hope that my experience working for a ISV instead of a platform
supplier can be of value when the board discusses issues related to the
evolution of the platform and long term strategies to the degree that
our experiences can be extrapolated to represent ISV's in general.


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