Minutes : 2004 May 05

    Dave Camp		- Chair
    Luis Villa		- Chair
    Glynn Foster
    Jody Goldberg	- secretary
    Owen Taylor
    Jeff Waugh
    Malcolm Tredinnick
    Jonathan Blandford
    Tim Ney
    Bill Haneman 	+10
    Leslie Proctor	+10

    Nat Friedman

Existing Actions

    - Jonathan to email Jay in response to 'security' email.
    : Jonathan reviewed proposal with RedHat admins and will politely decline

    - Jeff to email foundation-list about key-signing plans.
    : Jeff : Pending scheduling for first day.  There are a lot of talks

    - Hacker-threads agreement.
    : Tim : to check with hacker threads to see if business of agreement can be

    - Roadmap progress.
    : Dave : sent to foundation list for discussion will wait until next meeting

New Actions

    - Press Release re: GUADEC
    : Tim to send out in available languages

    - Call for Proposed GUADEC sites
    : Jeff to help



Hacker Threads
    : Ensure that agreement does not leave GNOME with a liability w.r.t. to the
    : Their artists are doing the art and they retain ownership of the result
    : It is permissible to add other logos provided they are size limited
    : Rather than setting an explicit price ceiling on the shirts they agree to
      consult with GNOME
    : Bill raised issue that this agreement is complex, and may not be
      appropriate for smaller organisations.  There is a need for something
      simpler for something like a LUG.  Tim will consult the legal advisors
      re: the possibility of a different sort of trademark usage agreement,
      more along 'creative commons' lines for use in those situations.
    : There was agreement that this type of agreement would apply for
      commercial licensing
    : Unanimous acceptance of latest revision of agreement.

    : Need bios and mug shots for speakers
    : double the number of registrants from last week
    : May 15 is deadline for papers

Credit card vendor
    : Now have confirmation of fees which are within expectations

Call for Proposals
    : Glynn hoping to flesh out current draft a bit
    : The requirements are pretty clear, would like to expand the 'benefits'
    : Targeting Summit for post 2.8 release (approx Oct 11)

Acting as Fiscal agent for Gimp
    : Agreement to act as financial agent
    : Clarify to that the credit card vendor takes a cut off the top

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