Re: GUADEC registration fee

On tis, 2004-04-20 at 10:10 +0800, James Henstridge wrote:

> I've helped organise a similar conference in the past ( 
> where this was the primary reason for the registration fees.  We were 
> charging AU$550 for a professional registration, which is quite similar 
> to the fee set by the guadec organisers.

I think Guadec is (or at least should be) very different from (haven't been there though, just heard about it). 

To me Guadec is a meeting to get together and discuss the future
development of GNOME. It's also (probably more important) a place to get
together, share a few beers and get to know the persons behind the IRC
nicks and email addresses. 

I can understand a fee if we can't get enough money to make it go break
even but it has to be clear that this is the reason for the fee and not
a way to milk the corporations of money. 

I really hope that this doesn't make companies such as Novell/Ximian or
Red Hat to not send all of there GNOME hackers just because it'll cost
too much.

So in short, what are we paying for?

  Mikael Hallendal
Imendio HB,

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