Re: Evolution copyright assignment: Storm in a teacup

On Fri, 2004-08-06 at 18:22 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
> > This is my opinion. I would love to see evolution inside GNOME, but not
> > this way. Not at any cost.
> Funny, Richard Stallman endorsed a way in which software is made
> available under the GPL but also offering a proprietary version of it
> for those who do not need/can get the GPL edition.  

Funny. Guess what... I'm not Stallman. :)

Secondly: Novell holds the willing community hostage of a copyright
assignment that in practice voids the practical effects of the GPL.

> This was at a conference before we launched Ximian, and I can not
> remember which one it was, but it was a panel on how to build
> sustainable companies around free software.

If Novell wants to build it's own game park, please do so. Just don't
bring it here.

Please do note that I appreciate evolution very much. It's my favorite
graphical MUA by far. But at least one potential developer has been
completely set back because he doesn't want one line of his into a
proprietary program.

And that copyright assignment is a crafty lawyer spell for 'all your
base are belong to us'. Such requirements (like this one) for no real
value in return (like promising to keep the software always Free,
respecting the GPL, etc...) should never be a part of gnome.


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