Minutes : Mar 22 04

    Glynn Foster		- Chair
    Luis Villa
    Dave Camp
    Jody Goldberg
    Leslie Proctor
    Owen Taylor
    Tim Ney

    Jeff Waugh
    Nat Friedman
    Malcolm Tredinnick

    Jonathan Blandford
    Bill Haneman

Existing Actions

    - Tim to start sending status reports fri afternoon

    - Dave & Luis to rough out roadmap

    - Owen or Havoc to invite Mozilla foundation to attend meeting
    Pending :  Owen aims to do this later this week
    - Tim to send out email re: GUADEC schedule

    - Jody to put together schedule proposal for board meetings
    Partial.  Some responded,  Pending input from __NAT__

New Actions

    ACTION :  Send out invitations for advisory board meeting
	    Tentatively scheduled for July 1 (date fairly firm, no problems
	    reported so far)
	: Tim

    ACTION : Prepare a press release for GNOME 2 book
	: Leslie to contact Bill at no starch press to coordinate

    ACTION : Meeting with trust commerce folk
	: Malcolm to join at Tim's request

    ACTION : Make a link and pre-payment link to sell a copy of the gnome 2
	     book in conjunction with GUADEC registration
	: Tim

    ACTION : Write a blurb on the HP & Mandrake deal
	: Glynn to look into writing something for JDS
	: Leslie to write up something for HP
	: Owen to do a write-up for RedHat

    ACTION : Continue Roadmap work
	: Dave

    ACTION : Send around previous Minutes
	: Luis

    ACTION : Respond to Vincent's request for clarification of membership
	: Jody


Tim :
    GNOME now has a media sponsorship agreement with OSDL provides online
    coverage, and mention in their newsletter for GUADEC.
    GNOME 2 book is almost ready to ship, should be ready to start shipping
    within one month.  Fee schedule leans toward selling copies directly or on
    gnome.org.  Administrative over head of selling on the web likely to be
    prohibitive,  but it might be useful to provide a link/tie-in from GUADEC

    Licensing trademark for tee-shirts.  Several open requests are pending,
    guidelines are almost ready.  Target is to have a 2nd draft of the
    agreement within one week that keeps copyright on foot with gnome but
    leaves vendor with copyright of resulting tee-shirt.  The lawyers aim to
    have this license general enough to be reused for other merchandise.

    Do we want to consider offering exclusive licenses within regions ?
    : Decision to table this for the foreseeable future pending a request for
      that type of agreement.

Offer of Hardware
    Murray forwarded an offer from Sun for some hardware to test build with
    forte.  While the hardware would be nice there are no resources to
    administrate it.  Glynn to look into the possibility of having Sun hosting
    such a machine.

GNOME Roadmap
    Dave has filled in a few pieces of collaboration and scripting.  Aims
    to get something to have something to review next week.

Clarification of Membership
    How inclusive does the foundation want to be.  Is it sufficient to just use
    gnome libraries somehow ?  To date we've required some level of
    contribution, from reporting a bug through to documenting or coding.
	'Any activity, such as advocacy or submitting bug reports, must
	substantially exceed the level of contribution expected of an ordinary
	user or fan of the project to qualify an individual for membership in
	the Foundation.'
    The consensus is that these guidelines are sufficient.  Just working on an
    application is _not_ sufficient.  There needs to be some engagement with
    the community
	- filing a few bug reports
	- Community considers the application for inclusion somewhere in gnome
	  (eg fifth toe)

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