Re: Minutes of the Board meeting Oct 8 2003

<quote who="Adrian Custer">

> >     ACTION: Tim to produce a proto-budget for next year based on this year's
> >     	fiscal results.
> >     => done and reviewed by budget ctte, will be sent out to the board this
> >        week
> Is there any prospect that the foundation budget will become public
> information?

It ought to be considered. I will make sure it's discussed at the next board
meeting. I am not well versed in US associations law, but I don't believe
much of our financial data would need to be confidential (either for the
board's benefit or for legal reasons - there *may* be some privacy issues in

> Is that what this item is about?

The above item is about budgetary planning more than performance. I think
performance/historical information is probably more relevant to the


- Jeff

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