Minutes of the Board meeting Sep 23 2003

     Minutes of the Board meeting Sep 23 2003


   Luis Villa (chair)
   Daniel Veillard (minutes)
   Jonathan Blandford
   Jim Gettys
   James Henstridge
   Jody Goldberg
   Jeff Waugh
   Tim Ney
   Bill Haneman		

   Glynn Foster
   Nat Friedman

   Miguel de Icaza

Completed Actions:

    ACTION: Nat to collect advisory board slides and post them
	=> discarded

    ACTION : Jody & Nat to send announcement and proposed agenda for advisory
    	     board meeting.
	=> key question is pick a date and schedule it.
	=> discussed today

  ACTION: Glynn to mail the membership comitee and foundation list
          about the anonymous voting.
	=> Done

  ACTION: Jonathan and Tim will investigate joining the Desktop Consortium
        => Done, discussion item, 


    ACTION: Glynn to check for Thanks: Wilson-Sonsini for working pro-bono
            Red Hat for bandwidth in newsletter and on the foundation site
	: Pending newletter
	: Will go onto new website too
	=> still pending

    ACTION: Tim to look into merchandising options around our logo and
        GUADEC proceedings
	: Can now accept credit cards
	: Process of setting up the web form, and certificate ongoing
          Arios is working on it.
	=> ongoing

    ACTION: Nat to get the charter amended to reflect the current consensus
	: Nat sent something, but no formal adoption process has be done.
	: Nat to resend before next meeting so we can ratify.
        => still pending

    ACTION: Nat and Jody to draft a short list of projects to propose for
	: Pending.   Jody will __really__ send a start to list.
	=> Jody promise to finish this off this afternoon

    ACTION: Put the confidentiality policy on website
	: Sent and reviewed on list.  We need to put it on the web
	  and add links to it.
	: Jeff wil get the links set up.
        : Glynn will fetch it from the archive and report it
	=> Luis to fetch the wording and Jeff to put them on-line

    ACTION : Daniel to check with Nat and schedule the advisory phone call,
	: Target Sept 11-18 , might be hard to make at this point
	=> off-target, pending.

    ACTION : Luis poll the release team for roadmap.
	: Ongoing.  Initial proposal saw alot of discussion on the lists.
	  More discussion with maintainers.
	=> Jonathan and Luis went though the maintainer list last night
	   enough feedback that there is data to report. Expect to send
	   it really soon now.

    ACTION : Jim, find status of GPE announment from Leslie & Nils
        : Leslie should be back now. Release is tomorrow, maybe this
          can be done on time. Tim will check with her.
	=> pending

    ACTION: Tim to produce a proto-budget for next year based on this year's
    	fiscal results.
	: Ongoing, will be reviewed with Jonathan for presentation in Sept.
        : Missing some details for upcoming Guadec and the Summit.
	=> Jody and Jonathan have a proto version of the budget, expect to
	   have a new version before next meeting.

    ACTION : Tim to work with Leslie to produce a schedule of conferences
        for the next 6 months.
        => pending, should go on the web

New Actions:

   ACTION: Tim to get a final price cost and commitment from
           GUADEC host applicants.

   ACTION: Luis will find a speaker for the  Linux Desktop Consortium 
	   at 10th November in Boston University

   ACTION: Luis make sure Nat contacts the OSDL about GNOME involvement

   ACTION: Jeff to check the by-laws to see if there is time to make a 
           community poll before the election

   ACTION: Daniel to schedule the conference call with the advisory board


  Approved Minutes from Sep 9 2003

- Linux Desktop Consortium:
   - Luis to act as contact
   - Luis will find a speaker for the  Linux Desktop Consortium 
     at 10th November in Boston University

- Trying to get OSDL involved with GNOME:
   - Nat will contact them

   - we got two concrete proposals:
      + Stuttgart proposal
      + Norwegian proposal
   - The big problem is to find out precisely what are the associated
     cost for locations, and commitment for those.
   - unfortunately we still cannot make the decision
   - Timing and location in Stuttgart looks better
   - The Norwegian proposal is more solid though

   => Tim is gona chase the final proposal to check with the budget.

   - We will probably have the summit end of November in New-York

- Voting for the Board elections
   - It is not a change of the charter or the by-laws
   - There is consensus within the board to change to an anonymous voting
  => Jeff to check the by-laws to see if there is time to make a 
     community poll before the election, if there is enough time then
     the next election will be accordingly to the the result of the
     poll, otherwise the poll will be conducted as the same time as the

- advisory board conf call:
  - Daniel will try to schedule it


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