About the future of X (Windows)

  Speaking strictly personally...

  The XFree86 Board of Directors made public the fact that a split
of the X Windows software we are using for GNOME on most plateforms
is likely to take place [1]. Of course the success of the GNOME project
is tied to the availability of a well maintained X code base, and an
organization as supportive as possible of the needs for desktop deployment.
  I am not an X expert, but what I heard from various parties is
that like in the gcc/egcs fork such a split might be needed to speed up
the developments which are needed for GNOME and other projects and 
possibly get a more open process for maintaining the X code base. So
it seems it might be a good thing actually. However I think the foundation
membership should have the opportunity to voice concern or support on this
issue before the board makes any statement on this. So if you have
strong opinion about this I think this is the right time to argue
publicly about it :-)


[1] http://www.xfree86.org/pipermail/forum/2003-March/000001.html

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