Re: GUADEC 5 - Host Wanted!

Glynn Foster menulis:

The GNOME Foundation is looking for a host city for GUADEC 2004, and like the Olympics, the selection process is punishingly tough. Well, not really. In fact, we've even prepared a list of things for you to think about, to make sure you're really ready to host GUADEC. Next year, let's make it rock even harder! :-)

1 question arose at gnomedesktop
E in GUADEC stand for European
is that any room for non europe country?

so how about making guadec international across continental

OR having another for Asia, America, Africa....

GUADEC is a fun event, but with its popularity over the last couple of
years the conference is getting bigger and bigger! With the increased
size of the event we feel that it is absolutely important that any
organization team know what is involved in such a conference before
offering to host it. We hope that the above isn't considered as a 'scare
tactic', but rather a 'reality check' and greatly look forward to host
applications filling our mailboxes!

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