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<quote who="Andreas J. Guelzow">

> > > Could anyone enlighten me please?
> > 
> > Read the rest of the document, in particular, "Requesting Accounts".
> There is nothing about "Requesting Accounts" on that page. The next page
> addresses help for people who already have accounts (or require cvs
> surgery). The only sections about "Requesting Accounts" is several pages
> earlier and apparently talks about cvs accounts rather than mail
> aliases.
> Would you please be more specific?

The Requesting Accounts section, which you seem to have found, is relevant
to every kind of account described in the complete document, specifically:

   People who wish to obtain accounts at the machines should send
   mail to <accounts gnome org> with the following information:

     * The type of account they want.


   The following sections describe what qualifications you must have for the
   different types of accounts we can grant.

This seems fairly clear to me, given the context of the complete document
(and sufficiently informative that Reinout has already sent his account

- Jeff

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   manager' is without descending into 'PC Load Letter?!' technobabble."
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