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On Sun, 2003-12-28 at 10:54, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> The same way I feel I do believe many others feel too e.g. all the
> people who like to see their hours of work becoming part of GNOME but
> where their contribution got rejected because the Release Team has
> decided so. People are all emotional, I am, you are, others are and they
> all have a right to be so. GNOME is getting bigger, the work of the
> Foundation is important, people are important as well their opinion is
> important too.

The release team tries to mirror the opinion of the community when
deciding what becomes part of GNOME [Desktop and Developer Platform and
Language Bindings]. We can't put every piece of GNOME software in there,

The GNOME Desktop is meant to be a coherent whole consisting of the
tools that the most useful to the average desktop user. I know it's
difficult to define (and I might have made a mistake in that
definition!). It's not a collection of every piece of available GNOME
software. That's not saying other pieces of GNOME software are no good-
some are very good, but we're not bundling everything that links against
gtk+ into the GNOME desktop release! cf. other linux desktops.

That doesn't mean people should stop developing them. If someone's
developing a standalone-type app _solely_ for the purpose of getting it
into GNOME Desktop (obviously this doesn't apply for little apps that
are obviously targeted at the Desktop) and will stop development if
people (read: *contributors*, not release team) don't want it in, then
I'd think they're developing it for the wrong reasons! Look at galeon
and how development continues. Other GNOME software can always be
installed into a distribution.

So, if you're going to accuse us (read: release team) of rejecting
applications from personal opinion rather than echoing the community
opinion, can you use some concrete examples, please? Sure, we can make
mistakes and probably have done, but it's not very nice to have your
work criticised without anything to back the criticisms up.


Andrew Sobala <aes gnome org>

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