Re: Questions

On Fri, Dec 26, 2003 at 08:01:06PM +0000, Andrew Sobala wrote:
> This is garnome vs. cvsgnome.
> iirc, and my memory may be playing games, I added garnome to the 2.4
> webpage when people started asking "How do I build all these tarballs?"
> on IRC. It is currently the most popular tarball build system. Of
> course, it will be logged in CVS if that's what happened (probably with
> a stupid commit message).
> So please don't solely blame Jeff for garnome being mentioned there. I
> am an evil conspirator too :)

I take responsibility for CVSGnome's exclusion from the 2.2 and 2.4 release
notes. This has nothing to do with Jeff, or GNOME's leadership structure. It
was my decision.

In the GNOME 2.0 time frame, Ali for whatever reason made the decision to
leave the user docs package out of CVSGnome. This meant that a substantial
portion of the docs we had worked so hard to produce were unavailable to
CVSGnome users. Ali disagreed, abusively, with my suggestion that this was a
problem[1]. That wasn't a build system I could recommend, nor was it a project
with which I was interested in having any further involvement.



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